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Psychiatric & Neurological Rehabilitation
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Friday, December 24, 2010

Guideline to Patients

1. Diseases related to Nuero and Phsychology can be treated here
2. Distribution of token starts at 8:30 AM everyday. To get the token you have to be in queue by 5 AM.
3. There are two counters available. You can go to Counter 1 if you dont have reference from a doctor. Counter 2 can be used if you have doctors referance.
4. Once you have taken the token, a general medical doctor will check and refer to the appropriate department
5. It is not required to take token,if this is your second visit. You can directly go to the referred department
6. Token fees is Rs .20
7. You have to bring your BPL ration card, if you are eligible to get the concession on the medical expense


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